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The Donelson Fellowship (TDF) started more than 60 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee as a small Bible study group. With strong community support and faith, the small group grew into a large church campus with deep roots in the community. Today, TDF is helping people around the world find freedom, purpose, and fulfillment.

The Challenge

TDF ordered chairs from Bertolini 22 years ago. Although they still looked good and had held up, it was time for a replacement. The chairs no longer matched the updated décor with new flooring and paint.

Because they had been happy with Bertolini products in the past, they decided to stick with the same company for their new chairs. The Operations Manager, Sherry Anderson, contacted her sales representative to find chairs that would look nice and hold up well while staying within her budget. It was also important for Sherry to have chairs that would be comfortable for her congregation.

Additionally, the worship center serves as a multi-purpose room, so they needed chairs that could be easily moved, stacked, and stored. They also needed to add customization options, including cup holders, to protect their new carpet.

The Solution

The Bertolini sales representative talked Sherry through the differences between the chairs. Sherry narrowed her options down to two chairs and discussed comfort level with her representative who sent her a sample of each chair so that she could compare them “apples to apples.” Sherry and her team chose the Essentials chairs.

For me, relationships are very important because I have to trust that the people I’m talking with are honest about their products. It was important to me to know that I was talking to people that I knew I could trust. My sales rep is wonderful to work with and we’ve become friends.

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Sherry Anderson

Operations Manager, The Donelson Fellowship

Sherry added a card and cup holder to the back of the chair frames to help prevent cup spills.

She also appreciates the chair ganging which she says is easy to use and helpful when setting up the chairs in rows or in small groups for social distancing.

Sherry also ordered carts, which she says work well for loading, unloading, and moving the chairs.

How Bertolini Made It Easy

Although Sherry can find information online about Bertolini products, she prefers to talk to someone who can walk her through the differences between the chairs. Her sales representative took her through the ordering process, sent her sample chairs, and emailed her some resources she could share with others on her team.

We got the chairs in and then COVID-19 hit, and the church was closed briefly. So, when people finally got to see the chairs, people were gasping! It’s so nice to have pretty, new chairs. They look wonderful in our worship center.

Sherry Anderson

Operations Manager, The Donelson Fellowship

Her representative went over pricing details and timeline and helped Sherry understand exactly what is covered under the warranty.

Sherry also likes the fact that she can contact her sales representative anytime. For example, if someone needs to replace chair glides, Bertolini will quickly ship replacements.

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