Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions below:

Product Price Quotes:  

Quoted prices are valid for 30 days (unless otherwise stated on the quote) and must be in writing. However, the Bertolini parent company, MITY Inc. (henceforth referred to as Bertolini), has the right to cancel, withdraw, revoke, rescind, annul, or void the quote or quoted price at any time. Printed prices (as in price lists, catalogs, excluding quotes) are subject to change without notice.  

Placing Orders/Verifying Quotes: 

Orders will only be accepted if accompanied by: 1) A signed copy of the quote by an authorized officer of the organization; 2) The deposit payment as specified in the stated terms on the signed quote; 3) A copy of these Terms and Conditions signed by an authorized officer of the organization acknowledging that they have been read and accepted.    

The quote is valid only upon the terms set forth and, in these Terms, and Conditions. Any changes in contact or “ship-to” information, model, quantity, finish, fabric, or options must be noted on the quote and will be considered as a counteroffer by you which Bertolini may accept. A new quote will be issued reflecting the changes and will supersede any prior quotes or Purchase Orders. Any terms in your order that are not identical with the terms of the quote and these Terms and Conditions will not become part of the contract.   

Orders are non-cancelable and non-negotiable after they have been accepted. All credit orders are subject to credit approval before being accepted. Bertolini quote and Terms and Conditions supersede any terms in a Purchase Order. This contract may not be modified, amended, or rescinded except in writing, signed by authorized agents of all parties.  

Components used in all Bertolini chairs are specifically designed to meet fire code CAL-117 or CAL-117-2013. It is the customers’ responsibility to use and store these products in compliance with local and state codes and regulations, and to communicate approved local and state codes and regulations to Bertolini Inc. prior to receiving and signing a quote.  

Order Acknowledgements:  

Upon acceptance of an order, an acknowledgement will be sent with a factory estimated ship date. Customers are responsible for reading and confirming all order specifications and ship dates.  

Order Terms, Deposits, Exemptions 

Standard payment terms are 50% Prepayment with Net30 on the remaining balance, 50% due prior to the production of the order unless otherwise specified on the quote. Prepayment requirements may be set greater than 50% upon completion of credit review. 

Special terms must be pre-approved and indicated on the signed quote. It is the buyer’s full responsibility to ensure that all sales and use taxes in connection with this order are fully paid where applicable. If at any time in the future, Bertolini is required to pay sales tax on behalf of the buyer, the buyer will be liable to repay Bertolini for the tax paid. Customers with orders that are eligible for sales tax exemption must fill out a “Resale Certificate” form or “Sales and Use Tax Exemption” form or equivalent documentation and return it with the quote. All deposit checks must include the phone number from the signed quote on the memo portion of the check to ensure proper credit to your account. Failure to do so may delay the shipment of your order. Re-payment for NSFs requires a certified check or cashier’s check. Any order that has a NSF will not be eligible for C.O.D. and must be paid in full before shipment. All payments are to be in U.S. dollars only and to be drawn on a U.S. bank or credit union.  

Change Orders: 

All changes (Change Orders) must be submitted in writing and are subject to the approval of Bertolini. When changing model numbers, fabric or any options on any order, a $150.00 administration fee per sales order will be required. When decreasing the number of chairs or changing the fabric, customers will be required to purchase all fabrics ordered for the job. Once an order is submitted for production, no changes to the order may be made.  

Cancellation Policy: 

Generally, chairs are built to specifications provided by the customer regarding fabric color and options. This makes the chair difficult to sell to others; therefore, if an order must be canceled by the customer, the customer is 100% responsible for the dollar amount of the order including all freight expenses incurred. In the event the chair purchased was in stock, already built, and the customer must cancel their order, the customer will be charged a 20% restocking fee in addition to all freight expenses including return freight to the ship from location. Chairs must be in their original packaging to be accepted at the Bertolini factory.  

Past Due Payments: 

Balances not paid within the agreed terms will be assessed finance charges at 2% per month (24% APR). If failure to pay results in an outside agency or an attorney to collect past due funds, the customer shall pay all collection costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred in the process. Until the payment in full has been received, all products remain the property of Bertolini and can be claimed at will. Failure to pay the entire invoice invalidates all of Bertolini’s product warranties and liabilities.  


In the event the mill in which your fabric was manufactured discontinues a fabric, or the company becomes obsolete, Bertolini will strive to provide you with a selection of fabric alternatives, priced as closely as possible to your original purchase price. When reordering, please also be aware that your new fabric and finish, although the same, may not match exactly to your original purchase. Fabric naturally fades over the lifespan of a chair, due to wear, UV, etc., while finishes oxidize over time. Any upgrades in the fabric due to this change will be the responsibility of the buyer.  

Special Orders: 

Bertolini will review all requests for specific modifications and/or special features to our current products. The review process will be conducted by Bertolini. If the request is accepted, the customer will be notified as to the applicable engineering cost, tooling cost, or set up cost that will apply to the order.  

Shipping & Offloading: 

Chairs are normally shipped, wrapped, and stacked 10–12 chairs high. Customers are required to have hand-trucks and adequate personnel to off-load and move chairs into their facility.  

First Articles: 

A sample chair is NOT the first article. A sample in no way creates any warranty or promise with respect to goods sold. Bertolini’s research and development team is constantly improving the quality of its products and reserves the right to make ongoing manufacturing improvements without notice. For more details about the Bertolini Warranty visit, bertolini.com/warranty 

Customers who need the first article can request one from Bertolini. Requested First Articles will be sent at a cost of $100 per COM (CUSTOMER’S OWN MATERIAL). COM orders will only be accepted after the approval of a one-yard sample of the customer’s fabric (pattern direction must be indicated). Upon approval, orders will be discounted up to $3.00 per chair depending on fabric, and your factory representative will call to request the amount of yardage necessary to complete the order.  

Lead-Times & Delivery Dates: 

Bertolini has a long track record of meeting customer deadlines. Delivery dates are estimates and they are accurate forecasts only if an order is placed within 48 hours of a quoted lead-time. A FORECASTED DELIVERY DATE DOES NOT IMPLY A GUARANTEE ON BEHALF OF BERTOLINI. All change orders will affect delivery dates. Bertolini is not liable for any damages, costs, expenses, debt, or obligations incurred as a result of delivery after lead-times or delivery dates, nor will Bertolini be required in any way to compensate, recompense, reimburse, or pay for anything incurred, suffered, or sustained as a result of delivery after lead-times or delivery dates.  

Priority/Rush Orders: 

All orders requiring a specific delivery date are considered priority/rush. Priority/rush orders are subject to a $250 minimum or a $1.75 per chair fee—whichever is greater. Bertolini will make every effort to meet priority/rush order deadlines. Orders not completed by the quoted deadlines are subject to a refund of the above-mentioned fees.  

Freight Carriers, Damage Claims: 

All domestic orders are FOB Bertolini Factory. Bertolini carefully selects and contracts with independent freight carriers on behalf of its customers. Damaged claims due to shipping must be indicated in detail (including quantity), on the “Bill of Lading.” Problems should be reported to Bertolini within 10 working days. Bertolini is not responsible for the actions or service levels of these carriers. International customers are responsible for shipping costs and arrangements at customers’ expense.  

Customer Delayed Shipping: 

Bertolini is not responsible for storing or holding any shipments. All orders are shipped when ready. If customers are not ready to accept their order, it is the customer’s responsibility to store the chairs. Orders that are either “third party” or “will call” need to be picked up within three working days. Bertolini will ship chairs to an alternate storage location if notified in time (cost incurred will be charged to the customer). In the event the customer requires Bertolini to store chairs for any period beyond three working days, Bertolini reserves the right to collect storage and add these storage fees to the final invoice. Storage fees will be no less than $100 per month or $1.00 per chair per month—whichever is greater. For customer service, call the church sales division of MITY Inc. (the parent company of Bertolini) at 800-738-0113 Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.  

Refused Or Returned Shipments: 

Refusal to accept products from a carrier does not relieve a purchaser of the responsibility for payment. Final payment must be made prior to shipment. If the delivery of a product is refused, the customer will have their shipment returned to the factory and the customer will be responsible for any storage fees and all additional freight incurred as a result of the return. The final shipment will not be made until the customer’s account is paid in full by certified check, cashier’s check, or wire transfer.  

Defective Products: 

If the received products are defective, and there is a COD balance, please pay the entire COD amount at the time of delivery. The customer must indicate on the “Bill of Lading” any damage to the shipment and report the problem to Bertolini within 10 working days. Most cases can be resolved within 2 weeks. Bertolini is not responsible for damage caused in freight on will call orders and by 3rd party carriers.  


WARRANTY: Impressions Series, Millennia Series, Essential Series Chairs: 

Visit bertlinidirect.com/warranty for more information 

All Other Chairs Manufactured by Bertolini Listed on this Quote: 

All other chairs and products manufactured by Bertolini carry a warranty. For more details visit, bertolinidirect.com/warranty 

Wearable Components Not Covered: 

Wearable components not covered in the “Limited Lifetime Warranties include upholstery and upholstery treatments such as seams, frame finishes including rub marks, and the seat foam when soiled or used outdoors.  

Wearable Components Coverage: 

Learn more about the warranty for upholstery, frame finish, seat foam, and replacement parts at bertolinidirect.com/warranty. 

Warranty Limitations on Chairs Shipped Outside of the Continental United States: 

For details visit, bertlinidirect.com/warranty. 

This agreement shall not be construed in favor of or against any party hereto. If any of the provisions, covenants, or conditions of the Agreement are held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall be in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected, impaired, or invalidated. In the event of such determination, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to modify this agreement to fulfill as closely as possible the original intent and purposes thereof. To the extent permitted by law, the parties waive any provisions of law that render any provision hereof prohibited or unenforceable in any respect.  

This agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the state of California as if entered and wholly performed within the state of California. Any action brought to enforce this agreement shall be brought in the County of San Bernardino in California.