Bertolini Chair Accessories

With Bertolini, you can customize your church chairs to fit the needs of your congregation with accessories.


Does Bertolini offer bookracks for the chairs?

Yes, we offer bookracks that can be added to any Bertolini church chair. Bookracks are convenient for holding hymn books, scriptures, handouts, and other materials. Bertolini bookracks are specially designed so that they don’t interfere with stacking—you can still stack the same number of chairs even when they have bookracks attached to them.

How do I permanently install rows of chairs in our church sanctuary?

Using our L-Brackets accessory, you can secure chairs to the floor. L-Brackets come in sets of two and are designed to be used in pairs with two per chair. Due to the complicated and exacting nature of the installation process, we recommend that you have a licensed contractor install the L-Brackets. Many churches find that permanent installation isn’t necessary if they order their chairs with ganging, which connect chairs together into perfectly straight rows. You can add interlocking ganging to all Bertolini chair models.

Can I install coffee cup holders after I’ve purchased the chairs?

Yes. Bertolini offers a wire loop Coffee Cup Holder accessory that easily mounts underneath any Bertolini Church Chair. It offers a convenient place for the person in the seat behind to keep a warm coffee cup during church meetings.