Bertolini Church Chairs

For over 60 years, Bertolini has been a trusted name in church furnishings. With elegant designs and durable construction, Bertolini Church Chairs provide comfort and style for congregants during worship services and events. Chairs are stackable, customizable, and available with or without arms.


How do I choose the most comfortable chair?  

The best way to get the most comfortable church chair is to get several sample chairs and compare them in person, side by side. Your Bertolini sales representative can help you get sample chairs. All chairs made by Bertolini are designed with comfort in mind. Each component, from the foam to the frame, has been designed to deliver superior comfort. Bertolini chairs are guaranteed to maintain their high level of comfort throughout their life.

What is a FormFlex™ seat, and which chairs have it?  

Our patented FormFlex seat base is a molded plastic base that provides a comfortable foundation to the chair seat. It comes on Impressions Chairs. Most church chair seats have a plywood base beneath the foam cushion, which isn’t very comfortable. The FormFlex™ seat was designed specifically to improve comfort during long periods of sitting. This seat base has just the right amount of flexibility to prevent the sitter from “bottoming out” and sinking through the cushion to the hard chair base. This provides superior support and unbeatable comfort.

What is the Ergo-V™ Back Support System and which chairs have it?

If you want a chair that provides exceptional back comfort, choose a Bertolini chair with the Ergo-V Support System. Both the Millennia and Impressions Church Chairs feature the Ergo-V Support System. Featuring ergonomic characteristics typically not found in stackable seating, this multi-contoured, V-shaped backrest fits individuals of all shapes and sizes by supporting the lower back while gently cradling the upper shoulders.

What if I need new chairs, but I have a limited budget?

At Bertolini, we want to make it easy for customers to get the products they need. We’ll work with you to find products that fit within your budget. Many churches find it convenient to buy chairs in blocks. We want you to buy chairs at your own pace, and you won’t feel any pressure from us. Bertolini also provides a free fundraising guide which has helped many churches raise money to purchase new chairs.

What kind of fabric is used on Bertolini church chairs?

Bertolini uses high quality, commercial grade fabric. The fabric mills we partner with have some of the strictest quality control procedures in use today. The fabric we use is double-rub abrasion tested to ensure durability. High volume businesses like hotels are tough on chairs and they request fabrics that are tested for between 15,000 and 30,000 double-rubs. The standard fabrics used on Bertolini church chairs are tested to last 50,000 to 250,000 double-rubs without showing signs of wear. These fabrics are also tested for color fastness when exposed to light.