Bertolini Chair Carts

Carts and chair dollies make it easy to tote your chairs around the building. Just roll a dolly up to a stack of chairs, lean it back, and roll the chairs away. It’s that simple.


Is the powder-coated finish on the carts environmentally friendly?

Yes, our method of powder coating has zero emissions and does not contribute to air pollution. We do not use electroplated finishes due to toxic air pollution created from plating, choosing instead self-contained powder coating systems. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly powder-coating system ensures that all our products have the highest quality finishes with zero environmental impact.

What’s the difference between the two carts/dollies?

The Heavy-Duty 5-Wheel Chair Dolly is our most powerful and easiest to use dolly. Built in the USA from 16-gauge steel, it features three swivel casters for easy steering, including a front swivel caster for easy chair alignment during loading. It has two static wheels for stability and load distribution. The Standard Worship Chair Dolly is a cost-effective model that will require more strength to move the chairs around. It has just two wheels that aren’t steerable, so it can be harder to navigate around corners.

What if we have limited storage at my church?

If you have limited storage space, then get chairs that are stackable. Armchairs don’t stack as high as chairs without arms, so keep that in mind. Bertolini chairs are stackable and lightweight, and work seamlessly with the chair dollies for fast setup and take down. Armchairs stack 6 high, while all other chairs stack 8 high. All Bertolini chairs are made with a sturdy yet lightweight steel frame that stacks efficiently and prevents wear and tear during moving and stacking. Unlike competitor products, Bertolini chairs have high-quality stacking buttons on the inside of the legs to make stacking easier and more efficient.