Your church’s appearance has a strong influence over how new guests perceive the church, and the pride members take in attending and inviting friends to join them. Sanctuary seating is an important part of your church’s first impression. More than anything else, providing comfortable, attractive church chairs will welcome new people to your church and help them feel comfortable.

Because of the volume of people who attend church services and events each year, congregations can be hard on chairs. The material used to make the chairs and the quality of the manufacturer determine how soon the chairs will show wear and tear. Although buying the cheapest church chairs possible might seem like a smart choice initially, low quality chairs will be more uncomfortable to your congregation and will need to be replaced more rapidly than higher quality church chairs. The great news is that it is possible to find comfortable and affordable chairs that are made with excellent quality.

Here are five things to look for to determine the quality of church chairs.

1. Look for a solid warranty 

A solid warranty from a US-based manufacturer ensures that you will have a durable chair that isn’t going to fall apart quickly. Look for chairs with a 20+ year warranty on the frames so that they can withstand years of stacking and storage. Selecting a manufacturer based in the US will make it easier to work out any warranty issues in the years ahead, since sending chairs back overseas won’t be feasible. For more information about the Bertolini Warranty visit,

2. Select fabric that’s tested for double rubbing

Chairs tend to show signs of wear in stages—especially those made with cheap, low-quality fabric. Choose chairs made from USA-woven fabric with a double-rub testing grade of 250,000. Double rub testing refers to a method of abrasion tolerance testing. A higher score ensures quality, grade-A fabric that will last for a long time.

3. Built with a sturdy chair frame

Weak frames can cause chairs to collapse, which can be a huge safety hazard. Frames should be strong, sturdy, and come with a lifetime warranty. For example, a strong chair will have a frame made from 16–gauge steel with torsion bars for extra strength. These features ensure that a church chair is durable and safe.

4. Comfortable

The comfort of each chair is determined by the frame, the seat base (the support that goes under the foam cushion), the back rest, and other factors. Look for commercial-grade foam that offers the right amount of give and support. Chair bases made of plywood can be uncomfortable for long periods of extended seating; our highest-grade chair features a molded plastic base. Backrests should be cushioned also and made to contour to the shape of the back. Flexible backs that lean back add extra comfort.

5. Stackable and as lightweight

When you get stackable chairs that are easy to move around, your meeting area can be setup in a variety of ways, and for different events. Customers tell us that our chairs are the most comfortable and easiest to stack—but don’t take their word for it. Ask for a free Bertolini chair sample to compare it with other chairs on the market.

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