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Sharon Baptist Church is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The membership is a local body of believers committed to glorifying Christ by obeying His commands, living out His teachings, sharing His message, and living in unity. They strive to develop disciples and to nurture a loving community of faith that serves and shares the gospel with South Charlotte and the world.

The Challenge

The church is a multipurpose space designed to host services, classes, and various activities. Therefore, staff and volunteers are constantly having to move and stack the worship chairs. They needed lightweight chairs that would be easy to use while still being comfortable for the members to sit in for long periods of time. They also needed carts that could hold a lot of chairs and be used for storage.

In addition, the church recently completed a renovation and they needed to find chairs that would match the décor.

The Solution

Ronnie Bell and other church members on the renovations committee visited churches in the area to see what chairs they were using. Bertolini chairs seem to be the most common and the highest quality church chairs in use.

Just to make sure, Bell talked to many other companies in addition to Bertolini to get sample chairs. The other chairs were very heavy, and they didn’t offer fabrics that fit what they wanted. Bell decided to take a sample of the Bertolini Impressions Chair, along with competitor chair samples, to a business meeting so that everyone could sit in it. Everyone liked the Impressions chair the best. It seemed to be the most lightweight and well made.

I must say, the packaging of the chairs was just awesome. The chairs definitely did not disappoint us either as they were exactly as we ordered. The chairs are more comfortable than our old chairs and have a wider seat.

Smiling man with glasses

Ronnie Bell

Administrator, The Sharon Baptist Church

The sales representative also helped them find fabric that matched the new décor. They chose fabric that was more durable to hold up over time and treated to help prevent stains. They also selected a few chair accessories, including a communion cup holder and the card pocket as well as two 5-wheel dollies to help them transport and store the chairs.

How Bertolini Made it Easy

The Bertolini sales representative sent Bell several fabric samples to make sure the church found the upholstery that would look the best in their space. She also responded quickly to his questions and requests and sent him exactly what he needed. The pricing information and all the chair options were very clear.

I would like to thank my Bertolini sales representative for her assistance through this process as she made us feel very comfortable along the way. If I needed more chairs, that’s where I would go. I would go back to you guys.

Ronnie Bell

Administrator, The Sharon Baptist Church

The members were very impressed by the efficiency and speed of the delivery process. The delivery happened right in line with the estimated ship date and the chairs were unloaded in under an hour.

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