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Some worship communities don’t know that a lot of worship chairs are 100% made in foreign countries and imported to the U.S. for resale. With the American economy struggling to get back to pre-pandemic conditions, most people want to support local companies that provide jobs for Americans.

If the members of your congregation hold this important value in their hearts, you want to make sure you’re spending their donation dollars wisely.

Learn more about what we mean when we say “manufactured in the USA.”

At Bertolini, our #1 priority is to keep Americans working so they can feed their families. We strive to support the local economies where we do business and use materials made in the USA. This means we support the Americans who work at our supplier factories as well.

This is our primary focus and it’s at the heart of our mission. But it comes at a cost. Here’s why.

American-made chairs can cost up to up to 60% more, but there’s a good reason for that. Manufacturers pay up to 50% more to make chairs in America instead of foreign countries.

Chairs manufactured in the USA cost a bit more, but the price is worth it.

We’ll break it down for you here.*

Compare the Costs

The reason chairs made in foreign countries cost less than Bertolini custom chairs is their cheap labor, in other words, people.

Overall, Bertolini’s labor cost (with benefits) is more than 8X per hour what a typical factory in a foreign country is currently paying employees.

We pay our American employees a good living wage and offer benefits. That matters to us!

We Create American Jobs
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In addition, Bertolini custom chairs use all USA-based suppliers, keep in mind each of these suppliers also support 100s of American workers, which means our materials will inevitably cost more. In fact, our fabric costs 50% more than fabric made overseas.

We proudly support one of the last remaining fabric mills in the US, Absecon Mills in New Jersey. It just so happens that they produce one of our most popular upholstery options as well. Find out why congregations choose Sherpa and Shire upholsteries.

Strong U.S. Steel
Locally Sourced Wood
Quality American Plastic
Durable American Foam
Custom American Fabric
Powder-Coat Finishes

Bertolini Quick-Ship Chairs

If you need new church chairs quickly, or your house of worship has a tight budget, check out the Essentials and Millenia Quick-Ship chairs. These chairs have a neat, professional appearance and offer many comfort features. Manufactured overseas, the Essentials and Millenia chairs are kept in stock at our warehouses in a small range of fabrics.

Support American Workers

We are happy to say even our products with some imported materials are made in the USA to help keep American employees working.

*The cost of materials and labor can fluctuate over time. Therefore, these numbers are estimates. “