Does your house of worship support American workers? Most worship chairs sold online or in furniture stores are made outside of the USA and imported, cutting out critical manufacturing jobs for American workers.

Watch the skilled Bertolini team building Impressions Chairs at our factory in Utah, USA.

You and your congregation can show your support for the local economy and US manufacturing jobs by spending donation dollars wisely on chairs and furnishings that are built to last for 20 or more years.

At Bertolini, we strive to support the local economy and support Americans workers. Our top-of-the-line Impressions Chair is proudly made in the USA. American-made chairs can cost up to up to 60% more, but there’s a good reason for that. Manufacturers pay up to 50% more to make chairs in America instead of foreign countries.

Support American Workers

The main reason chairs made in foreign countries cost less than USA-made chairs is the low cost of labor in many countries. Plus, factories in some countries don’t have as many regulations and restrictions on labor and environmental impact. So, when you buy American-made, you generally get higher quality products and the assurance that your products have been manufactured responsibly and in compliance with labor and environmental laws.

Overall, the cost of American labor (with benefits) is more than 8X per hour what a typical factory in a foreign country is currently paying employees.

At Bertolini, we are proud to pay our employees a good living wage with full benefits. That matters to us!

Man building metal chair frame in factory

In addition, Bertolini Impressions Chairs use USA-based suppliers whenever possible, which also supports hundreds of American workers. Many of our most popular fabrics for the Impressions Chair are made in the USA. You can find out why many congregations choose Sherpa and Shire upholsteries for their chairs on our blog.

Bertolini Church Chairs for Every Congregation

Our Impressions Chair comes in hundreds of fabrics and colors to match the decor at your house of worship. In addition, chairs are available with or without armrests and in extra wide widths to give the most comfortable worship experience to people of all ages and sizes.

Is today the day to get the ball rolling on new church furniture? Request a quote or check out the church fundraising guide for ideas on how to raise money for your new, comfortable church chairs.

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