Social Media Strategies for Churches & Pastors to Connect with the Community

Connecting with the community on social media is one of the best ways to engage current members and attract new ones. Social media enables you to keep members informed while continuously promoting your church and your programs. If you can create valuable content, your members will share it on their own social media channels, which will greatly expand your reach.    

However, finding new and efficient ways to connect with the community can be challenging. There are always new social media channels cropping up and it’s difficult to know which ones are worth your time. Plus, how do you make sure your message stands out above the noise? 

Here are two tips that could help: 

Gather information 

Knowing the demographics of your church can help you know what social media channels will be effective. Younger people tend to use Instagram, whereas Facebook and Twitter have an older audience. More women use Pinterest and Facebook, but Twitter tends to be more popular with men.  

You might also consider creating a short survey to access the social media habits of your members. You can include a survey in the Sunday program or weekly newsletter, or you can create a link to an online survey using a website like Survey Monday that could be sent out via email. Through the survey, you can find out which social media sites members visit, how often they browse, what times of day and days of the week they browse most often, and with what organizations and groups they interact. 

Get creative 

Videos have a lot of pull these days. Simply posting one on social media and your website can give members something to share that could attract new people. It’s also an engaging way for people to learn more about your church and your values. 

More churches are doing video sermons and post live streams of services. This is great content for your members to share with friends, and it can also be a good way for people to hear your weekly message even if they cannot physically attend a service. Videos can make your church feel much more accessible and relatable. 

Another idea growing in popularity is having a pastoral blog. These can expand upon the weekly message and provide members with valuable resources. It’s also a great way to let members know about upcoming events and keep them abreast of news from other members.   

The most important thing is to develop a social media plan that works for you and your members. There’s only so much we can accomplish in a day, so you want to put your time and resources where it will have the most impact and value.