Church Chairs vs. Pews: Which is Better?

Most people think of pews when the topic of church seating comes up, however, many churches are replacing their old pews with more comfortable chairs. But what is the best seating option for your church? It can depend on the demographics of your church and the physical space of the building. A few other important things to consider are portability, comfort, style, aesthetic, cost, and maintenance. Ultimately, churches can even decide between a combination of the two. It’s all a matter of preference. 

Here are the pros and cons of pews and church chairs. 

Church Chairs 

Typically, church chairs are stackable with a metal frame and are meant to be moved around throughout the space.  


Unlike traditional pews, it’s easy to move and store chairs to create more space and reconfigure a room. Additionally, chairs can be less expensive than pews which must be handcrafted to fit the space. Church chairs are also known to be more comfortable since they’re padded and upholstered. You may also find you have a better church seating capacity with chairs than you do with pews.


Many people like to stick with tradition, and some churchgoers prefer the old-fashioned, hand-crafted, and traditional look and feel of pews. In addition, since chairs are meant to moved, stacked, and stored and pews are meant to be put in one place and never moved, it’s possible you’ll need to replace chairs more often. 


Most people know that pew is a long bench with a back that is placed in rows. They are the traditional seating choice for churches. Pews are usually handcrafted, made of wood, and are fixed to the floor.  


Pews are often appreciated for their classic and beautiful appearance. Many people have a sentimental attachment to the idea of pews in a church. Pews are often spacious, yet they can seat a large number of peoplePews can be preferable for people who like to stretch out and for children who don’t like to stay seated for long. Pews also have a longer lifespan compared to church chairs and require little to no maintenance. 


Pews can have many disadvantages. For one, there usually isn’t a variety of colors and designs to choose from, so your options are limitedPews are often meant to be fixed in place and are sometimes bolted to the floor, so they can be expensive to repair and difficult to move if the church is being remodeled. Pews also take up a lot of room. In addition, they are very expensive and usually not as comfortable since most don’t have any seat or back padding. Many people also do not like to be seated so close to others, so they prefer chairs.