Choose the Best Chairs for Your Church

Though people know a comfortable chair when they sit in one, it can be difficult to know what to look for when shopping for church chairs. There are so many seating options out there, and you want to make sure you are getting the best product for your money. 

Ask yourself these questions to determine what to look for and how to decide what features you want in the chairs you purchase.  

How will the chairs be used? 

Do you plan to set up the chairs once and leave them in place or will you be setting up, moving, and storing the chairs with regularity? If you don’t plan on rearranging the space at all, then it may make the most sense to invest in permanent seating. Many churches invest in pews that can withstand the test of time.  

However, if you plan to move the chairs frequently, you will need chairs with these features: 

  • Lightweight enough that your staff and volunteers can easily and safely move, set up, and store the chairs 
  • Stackable by around 8 chairs high without causing damage to the chair over time 
  • Stable enough to move and solid enough to have structural integrity for many years of use 

How important is comfort? 

Do you hold long services and hold many events such as dinners and performances? If so, you want to invest in comfortable chairs. Look for chairs with these features: 

  • Choose a contoured back instead of a straight back which will gently hold the upper shoulders while supporting the lower back 
  • Look for a strong, stable seat since unsupportive, low-quality seats are extremely uncomfortable and they can bottom out after long-term use 
  • Select a solid steel frame that is less prone to wrinkles and bending over time 
  • Find chairs that feature firm foam cushioning that won’t wear and tear over time and will ensure the user’s comfort 

How important is appearance? 

Many companies will give you a wide variety of choices in terms of fabric, which will enable you to more fully customize the look of your church. Look for chairs that come with the ability to customize fabrics and even use your own selected fabric. You’ll also want to choose sturdy fabric that won’t show wear and tear over time. 

How important is the price point versus the warranty and life of the chair? 

Having a long-standing warranty is one of the best ways a business displays faith in their product. When chairs have a strong warranty, it means that the business is confident in the ability of their chairs to withstand the test of time and continue performing well throughout the years. But, well-made chairs that are meant to last and are backed by a solid warranty can be more expensive. Therefore, you need to decide if it’s more important to save money now and potentially replace the chairs in the near future or if it’s worth the return on investment to spend a little more now.