Bertolini Incorporated Introduces Customer Centric Delivery Program

Chino, CA—June 05, 2015

Bertolini Incorporated introduced a fourth company truck with a blanket-lined 53 ft. trailer. In celebration of their commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, the truck’s visually designed trailer graphics clearly state, “We Stand Behind Every Chair We Build” and utilize the real-life photographs of their very own dedicated employees that work in the Lawrenceburg, Tennessee manufacturing facility.


Bertolini’s customer centric delivery program offers customers the advantage of not having to worry about off-loading chairs from the trailer as normally would be required with those shipped via common carriers. Additionally, this customer centric delivery program supports Bertolini’s sustainability program; customers don’t have to worry about filling their dumpster with cardboard as the driver can remove protective corrugated packaging for return to the factory to be reused on future shipments.

The initial trailer will be used mainly for planned route deliveries every other week to the large customer base in the states of Georgia, Florida and Texas. Instead of a standard delivery process used by common carriers, Bertolini’s special delivery program offers their customers the advantage of allowing the driver to walk the packaged chair stacks down the trailer ramp right to their door.

In addition to this new semi-trailer, Bertolini, Inc. already has two straight/box trucks in use for deliveries within 250 miles of the plant in Lawrenceburg. “Bertolini plans to continue expanding its customer centric delivery program and offer it to more customers in the future with additional blanket-lined 53 ft. trailers and delivery routes that will allow shipments to more states,” says Gary Daniels, Plant Manager in Lawrenceburg, TN.