How to Decorate Wedding Chairs

Love itself is something worthy of celebration, which is why, when it comes to weddings, people spend extra time and care in deciding every detail. The objective is to make the day absolutely perfect, but one arguably important item is often overlooked—seating. 

No matter the event, it’s important to have a place for your guests to sit, and a wedding is no exception. But if you’re creative, your seating can be more. It can become a part of the theme and décor.  

Here are a few ideas for creative ways to decorate chairs for weddings. 

Use fabric to complement the bridal gown  

Consider lining chairs with lace or fabric that emulates the bride’s dress and veil. This can be done by taking a yard of fabric (satin, tulle or lace)looping it around the back of the chair, and tying it off with a large, colored bow or clip in the bride’s colorsAdd more fabric for a luxurious, indoor venue and less fabric for a more rustic outdoor wedding. For a simpler look, use just the ribbon and tie a bow on the back of each chair. 

Add flower arrangements 

Flowers definitely add a pop of color to wedding seating. Create bundles of flowers that match the bouquets and secure them to the backs of each chair with ribbons or pins. Another option is to create chains of roses or other flowers and drape them between chair rows. Add lights or ribbons to the chain for extra flair. You can also place flower baskets at the end of each row. 

Get creative with pillows 

Look for pillows in the brides colors or use white pillows and add bows or beading in the bride’s colors. Then add a pillow to each chair or distribute among the pews. This might increase the comfort of the guests during the ceremony while adding a unique touch. You can also use pillows to reflect the theme. For example, use burlap pillows for a country wedding. Another option is creating pillows that include the bride and groom’s initials.  

Enhance chairs with beads 

Beads are a fun way to add some small subtle décor. Take a string of pearls or colored glass beads and string them along the back of the chair from one end to the other. This is a simple way to add the bride’s colors and complement the wedding theme. 

Create a romantic glow 

Whether for an indoor or outdoor wedding, nothing says romance like the right lightingConsider lining the aisle of the church with candle stands tied with colored ribbon or old fashion lanterns hanging from hooks. A strand of Christmas lights lining the pews, or the aisles can also do the trick. 

Fashion a paper chain 

For something more memorable and completely personable, try an interactive paper chain. Give each guest a slip of paper and a pen when they arrive and have them write an encouraging note, prayer, or wishes for the bride and groom. Before the service begins, collect all notes and interlink them to create a paper chain to line the aisle. Not only will this be a wonderful decoration for the aisle, but a fond keepsake the couple can take home.