Cheap Church Chairs? 5 Things to Watch For

Whether you’re building a new church, sprucing up an old sanctuary, or replacing old and damaged church chairs, you want to make a smart purchase. Sure, saving money is important, but you don’t want to save money in the short term only to end up paying more in the long term.

Buying cheap chairs that you will end up replacing every few years is not a good strategy.  And, it’s important to remember that “cheap” chairs are different than “affordable” chairs.

Iyou find yourself being enticed by low-cost church chairs, make sure buying those chairs won’t end up being a costly decision. Here’s are five things to consider. 

1. Understand the relationship between price and quality 

You’ve heard the old expression; you get what you pay for. You don’t want your members sitting in a chair that will “bottom-out” after long periods of sitting. And you certainly don’t want a chair with a weak frame that will collapse while someone is sitting in it.  A cheap church chair is likely going to be of low quality. This can mean anything from how it looks and feels to it being a safety and liability hazard. The cheaper the chair is, the lower the quality is likely to be. If you find individual church chairs that cost less than $50$60 per chair, chances are they aren’t worth buying. 

2. Do your research 

If a company only sales cheap products, you must wonder if the company is trustworthy. Buying church chairs is a big investment, even if you purchase cheaper products. Always do research before choosing a company. Even if you must spend a little more, choosing a company you can trust is worth it! 

3. Look for a strong warranty 

Church chairs are not just used for services. In a typical church, there are members and staff coming in and out for meetings, events, and rehearsals almost every day of the week. This means that church chairs are getting a lot of use. You want church chairs that can endure heavy use for at least a decade before they need to be replaced. Cheap church chairs have a higher chance of wearing out, becoming damaged, or breaking after a few years due to their lower-quality materials. 

4. Know what sustainability means for your community 

Looking out for the environment is extremely important, so you don’t want to purchase cheap church chairs that are harmful to people and the earth. From a sustainability standpoint, it’s much better to purchase well-made chairs that will last, versus having to replace chairs every few years. It’s also important to consider the materials that are used to manufacture the chair. high-quality chair will likely be made from locally sourced materials including the steel and fabric. You also want to choose a company that adheres to environmental regulations.  

5. Consider your members 

When looking for cheap church chairs, you must think about comfort. It plays such a huge role in how your members engage with your church. No one wants to sit in uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time. Poorly made chairs can make it hard for people to focus on study and worship, and they might even keep people from coming to church. You don’t want that!