Bertolini Celebrates 6th Anniversary of Tennessee Facility

Lawrenceburg, TN—February 05, 2015

On February 2, 2015, the Bertolini Incorporated facility in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee celebrated their 6th anniversary of its opening and production startup. Opened on February 2, 2009 the 120,000 square foot facility located at 101 Motivation Drive, Lawrenceburg houses a metal tube bending and welding department, a powder coating department and an upholstery department, in addition to a CNC wood router and its own delivery trucks.

The Bertolini Incorporated Tennessee facility was an addition to Bertolini’s California facility. It opened its doors with 10 employees in the upholstery department and has grown to 39 full time employees and 14 temporary employees for a total of 53 for all the production departments and support staff. In 2011 the facility trained all the employees on Lean Manufacturing using training grant funds from the State of Tennessee. An almost immediate 12% increase in production was realized from the training. In late 2014 a Self-Directed Work Team management style was implemented for the seasoned upholstery team and in January 2015 a 10% increase was demonstrated by this team when compared to their 2014 average efficiency.

“This facility continues to improve its product quality, on time shipping performance and production efficiency due to the dedicated production employees and support staff that have been hired since the 2009 start up,” says Gary Daniels, Plant Manager.