5 Ways to Modernize Your Church Décor

Modern churches are not only places of worship on Sundays, but multi-purpose buildings that serve the congregation and community throughout the week. Churches host important ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals, as well as casual events such as concerts, parties, and recreation including games and sports. 

The various ways in which churches are used means that it’s time for a shift in décor. Modern church decorations need to incorporate tradition while adhering to needs for functionality and durability. Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a church to be attractive and practical. 

1. Build an updated information board 

The time for push-pin corkboards has passed. It’s time to offer your congregation an information board that attractive, fun, and engaging. With so much going on in the building, it important to keep members informed and most people simply walk past boring flyers without stopping to read them.  

If budget allows, a digital information board or television would be the best option. Those are easy to update and very interactive. There are a few free resources for creating slideshows including animoto.com and movavi.com. If you cannot afford a digital board, there are plenty of other modern options including a magnetic dry erase board or a fabriccovered board. Check Pinterest for more ideas. 

2. Create inspiring backdrops and DIY decorations 

Do it yourself projects are one of the best ways to update decorations throughout your church. Not only can you create fun and engaging pieces, but DIY projects are also fun activities for members. If members help create the decorations used throughout the church, they will feel ownership and pride in the church.  

There are several great resources for DIY decorations including churchstagedesignideas.comholidappy.com, and paperlanternstore.com. Here you will find ideas for creative backdrops that serve many purposes such as stage decorations for Christmas and Easter pageants and wall decorations in Sunday school rooms. You’ll also find ideas for hanging lanterns and silhouette cutouts.  

3. Unique lighting 

Thinking outside the box when it comes to lighting can be a fun and inexpensive way to update church décor. Things like black paint, Styrofoam, and string lights can really spruce up the room for your youth group. Consider making fun shapes out of Styrofoam, painting them black, and poking string lights through them in a random fashion. This can help you create the illusion of stars and other meaningful shapes such as a cross and doves. You could even use this technique to put together a creative performance to tell young kids about the birth of Christ.