Simple Church Decorations for Easter on a Tight Budget

Nothing is more fun than celebrating holidays with your community and loved ones. Easter is an especially festive holiday full of spring cheer and exciting traditions. Churches with a tight budget can still get into the spirit with some creative decoration ideas. Here are a few tips: 

Have an Eggstravaganza! 

A lot of churches will host Easter egg hunts, which can get costly when it comes time to purchase candy to fill the eggs. As an alternative, ask church members to donate plastic eggs and then fill the eggs with tickets for a raffle for some prizes donated by a local business.  

If your church does have a budget to stuff eggs with treats (so each child goes home with something) there are plenty of alternatives to stuffing them with sugary candy. Eggs can be stuffed with scripture, puzzle pieces, or supplies for a group craft project. Be creative! 

Reuse plastic trees from Christmas 

Why not get as much use out of decorations as possible? Break out those Christmas trees and create Easter trees for decorations. These trees can easily be decorated using arts and crafts created by the Sunday school classes. 

Build creative decorations 

Nothing represents the spirit of Easter better than a cross symbolizing the meaning of the popular holiday. There are plenty of creative cross ideas that will wow church members and honor the symbolism of the cross. Make an Easter cross by wrapping two tree branches with white cloth. You can also use branches to make an Easter wreath decorated with white lilies 

Decorate tables with simplicity 

Decorate booths and tables with a burlap table runner on which you can paint crosses and glue on brown and grey buttons to resemble rocks holding up the cross. Or, paint bunnies and use white cotton balls for their fluffy tails.