Are You Looking for the Right Chairs for Your Church?

The 5 things to know about church chairs


If you’ve been shopping for church chairs, you’ve likely noticed that all church chairs look the same. So, how are you supposed to decide which chairs to buy?

Although they might look the same on the outside, what matters is what’s on the inside.

If you don’t know what questions to ask, you could end up with chairs that are uncomfortable, heavy, impossible to stack, or poorly made.

Here are the 5 things you need to know before purchasing chairs for your church:

  1. Manufacturing location
  2. Frame style & durability
  3. Foam & comfort
  4. Seat & back construction
  5. Stacking footprint
5 things Church Chairs

Manufacturing Location

When it comes to church chairs, many companies say their chairs are “made in the USA” or “made in North America”. These phrases can often be misleading. It could mean the chairs are made in Mexico or Canada, or that their parts are manufactured overseas, and the chairs are later assembled in the USA.

Manufactured in the USA means the chairs are built from the ground up on American soil by American workers.

If chairs are manufactured overseas, you could end up waiting months for your chairs, depending on world events. Plus, you might have to deal with upcharges due to tariffs. And, if there are problems with the chairs you then have to navigate warranty issues with manufacturers overseas. These kinds of issues can take forever to resolve—if they ever get resolved!

Plus, by choosing a company that manufactures chairs in the USA, your purchase will support American workers and the US economy.

5 things Church Chairs Location

Frame Style & Durability

If you’re going to invest money in new chairs, you want to make sure they will last. Look for steel or aluminum frames that are powder coated. This helps prevent scratches and dents and provides proven longevity.

It also matters how the frame is manufactured. Bertolini chair frames are manufactured using a 16-gauge bar system. The frames feature carbon steel with integrated torsion to provide extra strength.

Steel chairs are often good stacking chairs. Look for chairs that come with stack buttons to help protect the upholstery.

5 things Church Chairs Frame
5 things Church Chairs Foam

Foam & Comfort

The quality of foam is what helps determine how comfortable a chair is. Look for chairs with have high-density foam because it’s more solid and durable. It will also provide comfort over a long duration.

Bertolini duel-density seats include two foam pads, a soft pad on top of a firm (or dense) pad so that the seat feels soft while being firm enough to avoid bottoming out.

You can learn more about foam here.

Seat & Back Construction

The materials used to make the seats and backs on a chair can impact a lot of things such as weight, maintenance, and comfort level.

Plywood seats and backs are less expensive; however, they are also heavier, less comfortable, and more difficult to maintain and replace damaged upholstery.

Plastic seats and backs are lighter, more comfortable, and easier to maintain. However, there is a price increase over plywood chairs.

Look for additional features such as a flexible back which contours to the shape of a person to provide additional comfort.

The Bertolini Impressions and Millennia chairs feature an Ergo-V plastic back that provides extra support and sound absorption.

5 things Church Chairs Seat Construction
5 things Church Chairs Footprint

Stacking Footprint

Footprint refers to the amount of square footage of floor space that a stack of chairs will require. It’s important to know that a stack of chairs will be wider than a single chair because the chairs will “walk” forward as they are stacked.

For example, a Bertolini chair will take up an average of 2.9 square feet of space, depending on the model. Whereas a stack of eight chairs will take up approximately 4.3 square feet of space.

This is important to consider before ordering chairs because you don’t want to end up with more chairs than you can safely store.

Learn more about the differences between the Bertolini chair models.

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