5 Resources to Help with Seating for Church Weddings

When it comes to church weddings, we’re sure you know there are some rules in place that nearly everyone will want to follow. Traditionally, the groom’s guests are seated on the right while the bride’s guests are seated on the left. Everyone is facing the altar. In nearly all cases, the people most closely related to the couple are seated in the first few rows, including parents, grandparents, etc. Many decorate these rows with flowers or ribbons to mark them as reserved. The other guests sit behind the reserved rows. You can always appoint an usher or two to help seating run make run more smoothly.  

Besides these common rules, there are a few other things you should know about how to arrange seating for church weddings. Here are five resources to help you come up with the best seating plan for your church. 

1. Tablerrr 

Tablerrr is a great website that allows you to manage the guest list and map out seating arrangements for wedding. With this interactive program, you can add and remove seats and arrange tables to fit the layout of your church. 

Check out this video to see how the service works. 

2. All Seated 

With AllSeatedyou can collaborate with others to create thorough floorplanThe website allows for 3D viewing with a variety of templates to choose from. There is access to 24/7 customer service in case you need help. 

3. TopTablePlanner 

TopTablePlanner allows you to move tables, add guests, and arrange decorations in order to plan your event. You can even import files from Word and Excel. You can test out the site with a 7-day free trial–money back guaranteed. 

4. SeatingArrangement 

SeatingArrangement is free software program that allows you to manage all of your church seating arrangements. With this program, you can track RSVPs, assign seating, work from multiple locations, and manage your guest list. Visit their website to watch live demos and tutorials. Best of all, there’s no charge! 

5. Martha Stewart Weddings 

Iyou’re looking for great tips about traditional church seating arrangements for a weddingMartha Stewart Weddings is the website for you. The site has many articles about the perfect seating arrangements and other helpful articles about traditional church weddings. Her site even provides proper procession procedures and standing formations.