Chair Fabric Pocket

Kartenhalter aus Stoff

This Fabric Card Holder is designed to fit on the back of Bertolini worship chairs and hold visitor response cards, donation envelopes, business cards, and pens or pencils.

Don’t worry! The fabric holder fits snuggly on the back of chairs to maintain a compact profile so the chairs will easily stack and store.

This item cannot be installed after purchase; it must be installed during production.

100%-Finanzierung für berechtigte Kunden verfügbar

Heute bewerben für Bestellungen von $3.000+


Placed along the bottom edge on the back of Bertolini church chairs, this Fabric Card Holder can be added as an option to Bertolini Chair orders. It’s installed in-factory and meant to be a permanent chair feature. The Fabric Card Holder can be added to the Impressionen, Jahrtausende, und Grundlagen series chairs. It is not designed to fit the Quick-Ship line of chairs. 


  • Width: 14 in
  • Height: 4 in

Notiz: This accessory is designed to work with chairs manufactured by Bertolini. We cannot guarantee it will work with chairs from other manufacturers. Use with non-specified chairs is done at the buyer’s own risk. Customers with existing Bertolini chairs should call customer service to confirm it will fit.

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