Chaise de culte standard Dolly

Chaise de culte standard Dolly

You’ll need at least one of these dollies to help you stack, move, and store your Bertolini Pew Chairs. The Standard Dolly is affordable and easy to use. It’s the best way to effortlessly transport your chairs.

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With a powder-coated steel frame, it’s durable and perfect for transporting church chairs Each dolly can safely move and store 6-10 Bertolini worship chairs. All Bertolini dollies are US manufactured, which means quick delivery and quality materials.


  • Width: 24 in
  • Height: 55.5 in
  • Depth: 19 in
  • Compatibility: Chairs up to 23.5 in wide

Noter: This cart is designed to work with chairs manufactured by Bertolini. We do not recommend using the cart with chairs from other manufacturers.

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