Carrinho de cadeira

Carrinho de Cadeira de 5 Rodas para Serviços Pesados

This heavy-duty dolly will help you move a stack Bertolini chairs with ease. You can stack up to 10 chairs on each dolly. It’s easy to maneuver and it provides a convenient way to store chairs without causing safety hazards or damaging the chairs.

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This ultra-durable dolly features a powder-coated steel frame making it safe and easy to transport any Bertolini worship chair, including chairs with book racks. With the dolly, you can move and store up to 10 chairs. All Bertolini dollies are US manufactured, which means quick delivery and quality materials.


  • Width: 24 in
  • Height: 54 in
  • Depth: 53 in
  • Compatibility: 20 in & 22 in wide chairs

Observação: This cart is designed to work with chairs manufactured by Bertolini. We do not recommend using the cart with chairs from other manufacturers. 

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