Learn the Secret Behind Finding the Best Chairs for Your Church

How to uncover the true comfort level of a church chair

When researching church chairs before making a purchase, there are 4 things to look for in the chairs.

  1. They needed to be durable enough to last
  2. They should be stackable to help with limited storage space
  3. They should be lightweight enough to safely lift and move
  4. Most importantly, they must be comfortable to sit in

The true comfort level of a chair can be a difficult thing to figure out before making a purchase. The reason is that chairs might feel comfortable at first, but you might find them less comfortable the longer you sit in the chair.

It’s hard to tell which chairs will be the most comfortable by looking at photos online. Most church chairs look the same.

Goldie Locks Infographic

What makes Bertolini Church Chairs better than the rest? The secret is in how the chair is made. To understand, we need to take a look underneath the upholstery.

Bertolini Foam Call Outs

Bertolini Impression Series Chair

  1. Plastic FormFlex Seat

    Lightweight & extremely comfortable because it contours to the shape of each person

  2. Plastic Ergo-V Ergonomic Back

    Lightweight & comfortable because it supports the lower back & cradles the upper shoulders

  3. Duel-density Foam Seat

    Top layer is made from soft foam for comfort. Bottom layer is made from firm foam to keep it from being too soft & bottoming out

  4. Powder-Coated Steel Frame

    Durable & lightweight to provide proven longevity

Why Foam Density Matters

The commonly used term “High-Density Foam” is not specific, and it can be applied to nearly any type of foam. Instead, what you should look for is the “Density Rating” and the “ILD Rating” of the foam.

The density rating, or pound rating, of foam has more to do with the amount of material in the foam rather than the softness or stiffness of the foam. The density rating is a measurement of how much a cubic foot of the foam weights.

You can understand the softness or stiffness of foam by something called an ILD rating. This details how much weight it takes to compress the foam by 25%.

Therefore, to understand the comfort level of a chair you need to know the density rating and the ILD rating of the foam.

These two ratings will also impact the longevity of the foam. This means chairs with lower quality foam might feel comfortable at first, but they will become less comfortable the more they are used. The result is that the chairs will need to be replaced after a few years.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry!

When you call Bertolini, you will talk to an expert in foam and comfort. They will help you understand how the chairs are made and help you pick chairs for your church that are JUST RIGHT.