High School Sunday School Lessons Everyone Will Love

Sunday school lessons are meant to teach kids about morality, integrity, kindness, and other honorable traits. Using the Bible as a guide, these classes are intended to teach potent lessons to individuals in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

High school is perhaps the most formative time in a young person’s life. It is where they transform into a young adult and form the values they will carry with them through life. Many teens are faced with temptations that can lead to poor decisions and, sometimes, terrible mistakes. Finding Sunday school lessons that tackle the topics high school students need to hear is of utmost importance. 

Though all lessons from the Bible apply to people of any age, there are some that truly resonate with teens. Here are some topics to look for and focus on: 


This is a huge struggle for teens. Apart from temptations of the flesh, there are temptations to cheat in school, be someone you’re not, and seem “cool” by using drugs and drinking alcohol. Some useful lessons about temptation can be found here. 


Many important relationships are formed during these years, and these relationships can impact how teens deal with relationships later in life. Apart from friendships and romantic relationships, teens are redefining their relationships with parents, siblings, and authority figures. Lessons on this topic can be found here 


Disappointment will always be part of life, but it can be especially hard for teens to handle. With so many pressures and the increased level of hormones, disappointments can seem more detrimental and lead to feelings of failure and even depression. Lessons and verses on this topic can be found here. 


Each day of high school is filled with choices—some are easy, but many are difficult and life-defining in a way that can shape one’s character. Some teens will fail when it comes to making the right choice. Sunday school lessons about how to handle hard decisions and what to do when you make a wrong choice can be found here.   


Purity is an important topic to tackle with teens. The word purity can have different meanings for different people. Of course, it can refer to sexual purity, but it can also refer to the purity of the mind and heart, and the way one moves through life. It’s normal for teens and even adults to slip and ultimately fail while striving to live a pure life. Lessons about forgiveness, purity, and love are some of the most important things for high schoolers to learn. Sunday school lessons about purity can be found here.