Best Fabric for Church Chairs

Most Popular Fabric for Churches — Learn Why

What is the most popular upholstery for worship furniture?

Between 80-90% of Bertolini customers order either Sherpa or Shire upholstery for their chairs. We’ll tell you why so you can decide if that’s the best upholstery option for your church.

There are 5 reasons churches love Sherpa and Shire:

  • Durability
  • Cleanability
  • Affordability
  • Customizability
  • Accessibility

Learn more about all the upholstery options offered by Bertolini here.


Fabric Durability

Sherpa and Shire are made with 100% polyolefin, which is more stain-resistant than other fibers making these fabrics two of the most durable upholsteries on the market. The fabrics can withstand up to 250,000 double rubs without sustaining any damage. And Sherpa & Shire won’t be easily punctured or damaged by objects such as pens and pencils.

The fabrics are manufactured using new ultraviolet-resistant technology that enables the chairs to be used in spaces with large windows without the color fading and discoloring over time. Read more about this unique UltraLana™ Inherent High UV Marquésa Lana® Technology here.

Learn more about how polyolefin is made.


Fabric Cleanability

Both Sherpa and Shire are easy to clean with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. The fabric can also be cleaned and disinfected using a solution of bleach and water without causing any damage. View this resource for tips on cleaning chair upholstery.


Fabric Affordability

Bertolini uses a fabric grading system of A through P to help determine the price of the chair. The grading system reflects the type of material, colors, and price of the product, not necessarily the quality of the product. The A-Grade fabrics are included in the standard price of each chair. All other grades have an upcharge per chair.

Sherpa and Shire are A-Grade Fabrics that are less expensive than other equally durable fabrics. Additionally, these fabrics come standard on all Bertolini chairs, so there is no upcharge for fabric. Meaning the original quoted price for the chair will be the final price you will pay for each chair.


Fabric Customizability

Sherpa and Shire fabrics offer a broad color pallet to give churches several options so they can order chairs that will fit the décor of their church. These fabrics accept color easily which leads to an attractive final product, no matter what color you choose.

You can find all the color options on the Bertolini Fabric Center.



Because both Sherpa and Shire are so popular and readily available, choosing one of these fabrics can give you a faster lead time than with other upholstery options. And in the end, you’ll receive your chairs faster!

One Final Note

Choosing the right upholstery for your church depends on your priorities. Sherpa or Shire might be the right fit for you. However, you can learn more about the fabrics we offer here.

Contact a sales representative if you still have questions.